West-östlicher Divan

20. Dezember 2016, 20h
Mozartkino Salzburg
Kaigasse 33

Ein Film von Manu Riche und Patrick Marnham

mit dem Pianisten Jun Kanno,
der im Anschluss an den Film live im Kino Werke von Scarlatti, Beethoven und Chopin spielt

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"Snake Dance" tells the story of the origins of the atom bomb from a contemporaryperspective spanning three continents - Africa, North America and Asia, relating to the uranium mined in the Belgian Congo, the science developed in New Mexico and the lives affected in Japan.With German art historian Aby Warburg as its secret guide, it features the voice of Anglo-Irish writer Patrick Marnham and music by Beethoven and Chopin played by Japanese pianist Jun Kanno."Snake Dance - The Recital" offers a concert by Jun Kanno followed by a screening of the film to celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations and friendship between Belgium and Japan. The film score, performed live by Jun Kanno, is the same music the physicist Otto Frisch played at Los Alamos shortly before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.


Karten: € 15 /€ 10,-- ermäßigt
an der Abendkassa, geöffnet eine Stunde vor Veranstaltungsbeginn
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West-östlicher Divan